InstaCrop is a powerful, but very easy to use image resizer for instagram. Resize photo with blur or white background, make square pics for instagram.

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InstaCrop - Photo Resizer Features

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Instagram Memory

Its funny to display part of your Instagram poster in your memory, show likes and reviews.

Preview family pictures.

Preview family pictures, wedding pictures, parent pictures with natural wood frame, unfinished wood picture frames stand or hang on the wall.

Oil Painting Artwork

Design your own oil frame for children paintings, oil painting frame, black gallery wood wall frame, elegant wooden black matte frame are your options.

Resize and Crop with free aspect

Resize photo, easily resize image to square, crop photos with 1:1, 3:4, 5:4, 9:16 ratios, and post entire pics on instagram

Square Size: The 1:1 is the classic square image, and is available as a choice in some digital still cameras, and harkens back to the days of film cameras when the square image was popular with photographers using twin lens reflex cameras.
Standard Size: The 4:3 digital format popularity was developed to match the then prevailing digital displays of the time, 4:3 computer monitors.
Full Frame Size: The 3:2 aspect ratio used by 35mm crop sensor and full-frame SLRs, some Leica medium format cameras, mirrorless cameras, high end compacts and most 35mm film cameras. This aspect ratio has been with us ever since Leica made the first 35mm film cameras early last century. 35mm crop sensor and full-frame SLRs have an aspect ratio of 3:2. The sensor is 1.5 times as wide as it is high.
Wide Screen Size: 16:9 is another format that has its roots in the APS film camera.[citation needed] Known as APS-H (30.2 mm × 16.7 mm), with the "-H" denoting "High Definition", the 16:9 format is also the standard image aspect ratio for HDTV. 16:9 is gaining popularity as a format in all classes of consumer still cameras which also shoot High Definition (HD) video. When still cameras have an HD video capability, some can also record stills in the 16:9 format, ideal for display on HD televisions and widescreen computer displays.

Blur effect

blur picture as background, make the insta size photo so easy by blur background, set the images blur freely.

Painting Gaussian Blur

The Blur filters soften a selection or an entire image, and are useful for retouching. They smooth transitions by averaging the pixels next to the hard edges of defined lines and shaded areas in an image. Gaussian Blur Quickly blurs a selection by an adjustable amount. Gaussian refers to the bell-shaped curve that is generated when Photoshop applies a weighted average to the pixels. The Gaussian Blur filter adds low-frequency detail and can produce a hazy effect.

Classic Circle

  • select a photo or image
  • selection of shapes and colors.
  • save and share, it's so easy.

Love Style

Add the frame to your design, drag a photo inside, and it will resize your photo just right for your frame, no matter the size or shape.

Filter for Emotion

Get your silver screen on with InstaCrop black and white collection. We’ve got eight distinct, adjustable filters for your perfect monochrome snap.

try this suite of photo filters modeled after iconic camera techniques. Simple sliders fine-tune hue and intensity

Find your light, darling! These illuminating effects grant you the power to control lens flare, lighting, and even the might of the sun.

Designed with free spirits in mind, InstaCrop's artistic filters are mold-breakers. Dig in and unleash your creative side.

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